DVTk Modality Emulator

DVTk Modality Emulator 3.1

Emulate, run, and control any DICOM functions
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Gain access to DICOM functions on your PC. Verify all elements and functions, check out TCP/IP pings, manage and modify the query modality worklists, run step updates for modality data, etc. View the current storage and its commitment, view reports with detailed descriptions of data bundles, etc.

The Modality Emulator can be used to emulate all the DICOM functions of a modality system. You can use it to test and verify communication with all the DICOM services a real modality would use. Or if you want to test the interaction of your own applications services with a modality. The detailed reporting gives you full feedback and analyses of all the communication. It can use DICOM files as input for Queries, MPPS and Storage actions, allowing you to utilize your own real medical data.
- TCP/IP Ping and DICOM Verification
- Query Modality Worklist
- Modality Performed Procedure Step updates
- Storage
- Storage Commitment
- Detailed results with data highlighting
- Validation of attribute mapping
Test engineers and developers can use it to emulate a medical environment for testing software products with complete workflow scenarios.

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